Pet Shops – Should You Shop There?

The modern pet shop will obviously sell you a variety of pets but they also offer pet supplies, pet food for a variety of animals and all types of accessories. Most pet stores will offer dogs and cats, hamsters, lizards, snakes and some pet stores also offer fish for aquariums. Some pet stores sell exotic animals and exotic birds.

Substandard Breeding Environments

Pet shops have been criticized for obtaining their puppies from puppy mills which have been known for having substandard environments. These types of breeding environments are also used to breed cats and other types of animals. Some studies claim that more than seven million deaths occur on an annual basis for animals that have been raised in unhealthy environments. The animals that survive in these types of environments have a high rate of disease, temperament problems and hereditary defects.

If you are considering purchasing a pet from a pet shop ask the owner of the shop where he gets his pets from and ask for some solid information to ensure your pet has not come from a substandard environment. It’s very tempting to purchase the cute little puppy you see through the window, but before you purchase the puppy do your homework and ask a lot of questions. It’s also a good idea to get references from people who have purchased pets from the particular store you are considering doing business with.

Pet Supplies

If you already have a dog or cat or some other type of pet, you can typically find a wider variety of supplies at a large pet shop when compared to the average grocery store, especially when it comes to supplies for exotic pets. The larger pet stores typically have the best prices and you can find some good deals on the internet.

Natural Products

If you are concerned about the health of your pet, some pet experts suggest you feed them natural products. There are pet stores that specialize in natural food products. If you are taking a holistic approach to pet care, you can purchase natural dog foods that are filled with quality protein and whole grains and fresh vegetables and do not contain unnatural preservatives.

Find a pet shop that offer natural products and also provides natural flea control products, various supplements, a variety of medicines, natural shampoos, vitamins, herbal remedies and organic treats. Some pet shops even offer toys that are made from natural hemp. If you are looking to buy a pet or find supplies look for a quality pet shop.

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Pet Travel; the Safest way to Transport Your Furry Friend

Animals can get nervous when going on a journey and you need to alleviate their fears immediately and make them feel comfortable and secure. Pet travel cannot be disturbing or intrusive as so many animals need pet travel and it is such a scary experience when they are in unfamiliar surroundings with large, invasive objects close to them such as cases and even other animals in some cases. Whether you own a canine, feline, exotic bird or small rodent such as Nibbles the Mouse or Fluff the Bunny, pet travel needs to accommodate all types of creature if it is to hold universal appeal and be considered highly desirable and sought after. The purpose of pet travel is that it is cost effective and practical as well as considerate and efficient yet pet travel has to be of a superlative calibre if you are to be completely satisfied with the service you receive.
Pets cannot feel trapped during the pet travel process as they will get skittish and anxious and this is as distressing for them as it is for you. Miniature dogs such as Shih Tzu’s, Yorkshire Terriers and Bichon Frises need to mingle with larger breeds like Rottweilers, Great Danes and Labradors and this can be a rather traumatic and nerve wracking ordeal if pet travel does not go according to plan. And here is where comes in.
Your furry, feathered or winged companion will feel completely at ease and peaceful if you take advantage of our marvellous pet travel solutions and our client care is second to none. Little beaks can mix with larger snouts and not feel threatened at all as our affordable pet travel units are spacious, roomy and accommodating. Flying is daunting enough for humans so just imagine how Paws the Kitten or Princess the Chihuahua feels? Out of their depth and worried normally, but not with these pet travel specialists on board.
We have been instrumental in the pet travel industry for a number of years now and really know our stuff when it comes to pet travel that will satisfy even the most concerned animal lover. Our team of skilled and seasoned pet travel experts are ever so knowledgeable and experienced and always ensure that the welfare of your pet is of tantamount importance. Lizards; tortoises; geckos; exotic pets are kept in pristine surroundings as well as the more common household staples like cats, dogs and rabbits. specialises in reliable, affordable pet travel. We have years of expertise in pet transport and can transport dogs, cats, birds, exotic and large animals safely and securely.

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What to Look For in an Exotic Pet Store

If you decide that an exotic pet is the right choice for you, and you do not want to go with the traditional cat or dog, then you are probably wondering where you can go to find the best exotic pet store that carries a variety and best types of exotic pets. Depending on your locality, there are usually pet stores that carry various exotic pets, however, you do need to make sure that the pet stores are knowledgeable about the exotic pets, know where they came from and many other details about them.

The breed and type of an exotic pet can make a big difference. Wherever you choose to look for your exotic pet, make sure that they know the breeders and where the pets came from. A good exotic pet store will have documentation of the origin of your pet and know enough about them to make you feel comfortable leaving the store and bringing your new exotic pet home.

Exotic pets can call for a lot of different kinds of care from traditional pets and different kinds of supplies and food, and buying your pet from a trustworthy and educated source is critical for your success in creating the right environment for your new pet at home. You also need to keep in mind what kind of food your exotic pet requires and where you will be able to attain it from. For instance, different species and breeds of snakes require different kinds of rodents or fish to live off of. Some are allowed to eat frozen animals that you could buy online if you had to, but others survive best off of live animals.

Other things to consider when choosing your exotic pet store is how the animals are kept there that are being sold. A good pet store will be exhibiting the exotic pet in his ideal environment and habitat and give him the proper space. If you enter an exotic pet store and see that the animals look too close, or not in the environment you think is right for them, you could be bringing home an unhealthy exotic pet. That could mean a lot of unnecessary costs and obligations for you.

It is important for you to do your own research before you buy an exotic pet. Know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you go in and pick out a new pet to bring home. Some people are unaware of the level of care that it takes to tend to the needs of an exotic pet and are not prepared for what to expect when they get them home. Choose a pet that fits best with your lifestyle and habits. If you are away from home a lot, you do not want to get certain kinds of exotic pets that require special care every day. Some are more independent than others, and it is important that you find out all of the information that you can prior to buying one.

Look around at the different exotic pet stores that are available to you, do not just settle on the first one that you go into. Look at all of them that you can to determine who seems to know the most about the pets and who is taking the best care of them. Make sure that they are willing to help answer any questions that you may have after your purchase of the pet as well. All of these things can be big factors in the health and happiness of your exotic pet.

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Different Types of Pet Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are truly exotic pets. They might not be the first exotic pets you think of when you first think of exotic pets. You might first think of a tarantula, an iguana, or maybe you even know someone with a scorpion. While these pets are all most definitely exotic, hermit crabs are the definition of exotic. They generally come from a tropical climate where humidity and temperature are high in the daytime and where the evenings are just as muggy. Hermit crabs unquestionably fall into the category of the more unusual pets, such as those mentioned before. They make interesting, easy-to-care-for companions and, like any other pet, have their own personalities. By nature, they are active and curious. The unique characteristics displayed in each hermit crab, plus the fact that they are low maintenance, make them the perfect pet choice for many people.

Hermit crabs are not what we think of when we think of traditional crabs. They have a much smaller, softer abdomen than the typical crab. Because the abdomens of these crabs are soft and small, they are vulnerable, so they must be protected. The way a hermit crab protects its body from the elements and predators is by taking up residence in a snail shell that has been previously discarded. As hermit crabs age and grow, they must continuously find new shells in order to have a shell that fits each time the crab grows a little. Therefore, hermit crab pet owners must provide a selection of hermit crab shells for your pet to choose from. The hermit crab will be able to choose the perfect size shell to fit comfortably on its body.

Hermit crabs, in the wild, are omnivores, meaning they eat a little bit of everything. They eat meats, vegetables, and fruit. They scavenge eating whatever they can find in order to survive. When you own a hermit crab, they can eat crab food with healthy veggie and meat snacks, or to take more time, you can feed them a balanced diet of what you might eat, such as grapes, carrots, and chicken.

As far as the type of hermit crabs that are usually found as pets in the United States, there are both land hermit crabs and marine hermit crabs. This article specifically talks about land hermit crabs, as the care for marine hermit crabs is much different. The two main species of hermit crabs that are the most popular in the U. S. are Coenobita clypeatus, also known as Caribbean crabs, land hermit-crabs, or tree crabs. The other species is Coenobita compressus, also known as the Ecuadorian species, or known as E-Crabs. There are other species kept as pets in other parts of the world and can be found in the U. S. such as the Australian Hermit Crab and the Strawberry Hermit Crab. Though these species are generally found as pets in other places besides the United States, in larger pet stores in the U. S., different species are often available.

For the most part, land hermit-crabs are easy to find in pet stores these days. They are becoming increasingly popular pets. One of the most important things to consider when selecting a pet is the care involved. If you are a busy person and don’t have time to put into a more needy pet, a hermit crab is relatively self-sufficient, and therefore an ideal pet for a busy person. At the time of purchase, check to make sure 3 sets of crab legs are present, he / she is not damaged, and that there are no visible parasites. Try to pick a lively crab, and remember that the larger crabs are sturdier and less susceptible to disease and death. Whatever hermit crab you decide to choose, pick one you will love.

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How to Find the Emergency Veterinary Clinics for Your Pet Animal

Not all vets are created equal; some are overbooked and small and even dirty, which is not a place where you would want to get your pet checked. If you are budget-conscious, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good and friendly veterinary that can take care of your pet well. Finding proper veterinary clinics for your pet is little bit daunting task. You have to do little research and getting advice from other people. You are the owner of the pet animal so you have to take care of it properly, whether it’s suffering from illness or met an accident.

Going to a well-known and highly sought out vet may be a safe option but it is usually not a good idea as they are swamped with clients and may have not time to give personal service to your pet. Ask the vet who will take care of your pet if the doctor is unavailable. In some veterinary clinics, associates are the ones who take care of the pets and rarely do veterinary doctors make an appearance.

Also, take note that some animal clinics or veterinary clinics have more than one vet and thus some of these doctors may rotate shifts and share cases. It can be confusing for you and you may not get the personal care that you seek for your pet. Go with a friendly neighborhood veterinary doctor with a good reputation and can give the personal care that you require.

Although your chances of finding the best animal doctor for your queer pet would be bleak, there is however a couple of options you can try. First is to check on the list of animal doctors in town. From this list, you can inquire of whether there is one who specializes on exotic pets and pay him/her a visit. Should there be no one that fits the criteria, you can however check for the doctor that has the highest exposure to exotic pets. You can identify these doctors by checking into their background which might include credentials, trainings and even organizations that they are connected with.

A similar situation is quite applicable to exotic pet owners but an added layer of difficulty is evident. The urgent problem to be faced is to find an animal doctor who knows something about your not so common pet. You might have to acknowledge the possibility that you might be punching the moon here to find one.

The second looming issue would be, if ever there is one available in town, is that doctor willing to check on your animal? Will his/her schedule permit potential meeting or will the doctor stick to the usual schedule catering solely to common domesticated pets? And the last and interconnected issue is if ever the doctor is available and is willing, are there facilities to cater to the probable special needs of your pet? has made the procedure of searching veterinary clinics easier than it was ever. It is an online directory for finding animal clinics by using its unique platform. By using our website one can get information about all the veterinary clinics within few minutes. The site actually lets you reach the vet clinic by applying the minimum effort.

How To Know What Your Pet Bird Is Saying To You Even If He Can’t Talk

One of the unique aspects of having a bird for a pet is that this is one of the few pets that may actually be trained to talk. Many people feel that they’ll be able to communicate and have conversations with their pet birds but this may not be true in all cases. Even if a bird can talk fluently you must remember that even the smartest birds only have the intelligence of a toddler and therefore may not be able to tell you how they are feeling.

Whether your bird can talk or not, understanding what your pet is feeling is important to both you and your bird. One way to be able to do this is to be able to interpret his body language as this is a sure giveaway to his state of mind.

One good reason for understanding the body language of birds is that you can often avoid being bitten whether by your own pet or another exotic bird if you know when he is scared and when you should back off. If a bird is very scared, he will often try to make himself as thin as possible you will notice him standing very tall and looking very thin. His eyes may be dilated but they are not moving back and forth at all. In a way the bird is trying to make himself invisible – he thinks that if he makes himself as thin as possible and doesn’t move that the creature that is scaring him will overlook him.

If you try to reach into the cage to do pet or pick up a bird that is acting like this he may lash out with you in terror and you may get a nasty peck. The best thing to do is to squat down so that the bird is higher than you and look right at them with your eyes closed. Speak to him in a soft soothing tone and slowly open your eyes. This should help to relax the bird as they feel most comfortable when they higher than anyone else. The closing of your eyes is important because they consider blinking a sign of trust. Once you’ve got your pet bird into this state it doesn’t mean that he’s a can automatically let you reach in and pick them up you still want to use caution until you have him fully tamed.

If you bird is angry you will notice that his head is weaving back and forth and his eyes are dilated. He may be squawking loudly and leaning slightly forward for easy attack. His feathers will be puffed up. you might want to try distracting him with a millet sprayers favorite treat but you probably will want to get too close or you may experience a painful bite. When your bird is angry like this it’s best to let him come down before you try to approach him. Perhaps you might want to find out what made him angry so you can avoid this next time.

An excited bird might look similar to an angry bird with dilated pupils and he’ll be bobbing (not weaving) his head and have ruffled feathers. Depending on how excited he has his whole body to be moving around. He might be squawking and screeching sometimes loudly. An excited bird, even though he is happy, may also bite you because he’s too excited. It’s best to let him come down a little bit before handling.

A calm content bird will be sitting on his perch with one leg tucked up under him. He’ll be easy recognize due to his relaxed posture and he might groom oneself stretch out and even go to sleep. If you don’t make any sudden moves that startled her you can probably get them pop up when you finger and let you pet him easily when he is in a state of mind.

Knowing how your bird feels is important for training and ongoing companionship. Once your bird is very tame you probably won’t have to worry too much as he’ll welcome your attention, but in the beginning knowing whether he is frightened, angry or excited can help you gain his trust for easier training.

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Questions to Ask When Buying Pet Insurance

Ensuring you get the right insurance cover for your pet depends upon how much time you are willing to invest in looking for the right deal – and also whether you ask the right questions.

Many insurers offer varying levels of cover for pet insurance and some even offer a choice between standard and enhanced cover. Premiums will of course vary too, so if you are thinking of buying pet insurance make sure you ask all the pertinent questions at the time of getting a quote; not only will you get the best policy for your pet, but you will personally receive the best financial deal.

Some important questions you may consider asking when you request a pet insurance quotation include:Is your pet covered? If you have a cat or dog you will find that most pet insurance policies will be available to you, but if you have a smaller or even an exotic pet, for example, you may need to find specialist pet insurance.Does the cover come with a guarantee for the lifetime of the pet? Some policies are reviewed annually and others are fixed for the lifetime of the pet. Make sure that you find out which is being offered before you commit to buying or you could find premiums escalate rapidly as your pet gets older.What is the annual limit in the case of vets’ fees and does that annual limit apply to just one condition? Find out what the absolute limit of vets’ fees per year applies for the policy and also whether that absolute limit covers a number of conditions or just one. They vary according to insurer, so make sure you opt for one that offers sufficient cover for any likely problems.At what age does the coverage start? Many pet insurance policies specify a minimum age before coverage commences. Make sure you are aware of this before agreeing to buy a policy for a new-born pet, as you may not be covered for any incidents or illnesses before the pet reaches that age.Does the insurer offer a 24-hour vet helpline? If you discover a problem with your pet late at night or on a weekend – or any other time when it is inconvenient for you to get to a vet – you will welcome access to a 24-hour vet helpline who can give you immediate advice relating to your pet’s condition. Some policies offer this as standard, for others you may have to pay an extra premium. For many pet owners having access to such a vet helpline is an essential part of their pet policy.Of course, you may wish to ask other questions relevant to your particular pet, but those stated above will help you focus on exactly what you want from your pet insurance cover, and ensure that you get the most appropriate deal.

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Exotic Birds Living In American Homes: A Loving Pet

You may have considered purchasing a bird as a pet only to wonder if it would be as enjoyable or friendly as a dog or cat. Dogs will play with and love their owners; cats cuddle up on cold days. Even guinea pigs are furry and cuddly. Surprisingly, birds can make quite lovable pets too. Consider all of the exotic birds living in American Homes and maybe ask yourself why they are so popular.

These birds fall into numerous categories. Parrots range from budgie-sized to quite large. Their colors vary from simple white or grey to multi-colored and vivid. Exotic birds also include doves, macaws and cockatiels to name only a few. Your home environment will help you to select the appropriate bird. For example, if you live in an apartment, a quieter bird requiring less space will meet your requirements better than a large and noisy bird.

Another part of bird personality which can either turn you off or onto the idea of owning one is the noise they make. They sing. They whistle. Birds call, talk, scream and imitate. If your home already sounds like a zoo, an exotic bird may be the last thing you need. On the other hand, a too-quiet life can get very lonely. Different species make more noise than others. Do your research and you may solve the problem of your oppressively silent home.

Birds can make great companions if you decide you like their chatter and singing. Some birds will even snuggle with their owners or play. Depending on the age of children and how gentle they are, even kids may find birds make suitable playmates. Owners become family for a bird, its new flock. Expect your pet to have social needs too.

Not just hours, either, but years. In fact, large parrots may outlive their owners. Potential owners need to understand that, after all of the effort that goes into getting to know one another, a continued investment of years may be required. Remember: both bird and owner will be going through this same process. If you think you have the time to commit to a relationship with a loyal pet, then consider purchasing one of these elegant animals.

One advantage birds have over dogs is that you do not need to walk them. In fact, since you will avoid taking them outside for their safety, birds make fabulous all-weather pets. If you struggle with mobility challenges, a bird will still require time and effort, but perhaps only as much as you can manage.

Some birds behave almost like dogs. Along with cleanliness and nutrition, one of your other major concerns is keeping your bird from getting bored. With the many skills your parrot or cockatiel may possess, getting a chance to use these is critical to its happiness. Some species will play with balls and other toys for long periods of time, giving their owners much pleasure just from watching their antics.

Although a clever animal may provide owners with some challenges such as how to prevent escape, it might also offer tremendous fun. Teach your parrot or macaw to say certain funny phrases, to imitate sounds, or even to do tricks. Just check carefully before purchasing your bird to find out how interactive he will be or if your bird will have a happier life when paired with another of its own kind.

Finding the best deals for your bird or flying birds or supplies is never easy, using an online application that works with your search engine is too easy. Heading down to the local pet store without shopping around may cost you big.

Shop for Exotic three little birds marley can be rather complicated. Check out our super magazine articles for the inside scoop on easy feathery-friend care.

Pet Boarding and Animal Hospital Jacksonville Fl

Pets are one of the most precious assets to any individual. They actually share the love and bonding just as similar to a sibling, parent, child etc. Eventually with time they become a part of the family. One cannot leave them alone at home as even the pets feel lonely. Generally people take the pets along on a road, but what happens when the owners have to travel to other station for some holiday where it is not easy to take the pets along. That is where the pet boarding plays a role. Pet boarding, Jacksonville, Fl is very famous for pet boarding. They offer ultimate boarding experience to the pet and ensure that the pets have safe and enjoyable time with them. As the staff taking care of the pets is passionate and hard working.

Pet boarding, Jacksonville, Fl offers safe and fun loving environment for the lovely pets. The cost is also affordable. Once we take the responsibility of a pet it becomes our duty to take full care of them. They provide pet boarding, day care, grooming and training. So if any folk is looking out for a caring and fun environment for one’s pet this is the place.

Animal hospital, Jacksonville, Fl is famous and essential requirement for the pets. As they need proper care, vaccines and ensure that a pet is healthy and disease free. The animal hospital provides medical, dental, radiology, surgery and exotic pet care. They provide bathing, grooming, boarding, feeding etc… with full care and attention to the pets. The doctors in there ensure that the pets are fed with regular veterinary medicines and take care of them as if the pets are their own.

There are many famous animal hospitals, Jacksonville, Fl and they offer intensive care to the pets ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, turtles etc. They have excellent administrative and managing techniques and do the same with lot of hard work and compassion. These hospitals understand the human-animal bonding and make sure that the pet is healthy and happy as well. They even have play grounds for the pets so that including the treatment their mental wellbeing is also taken care of. Now one does not have to worry about going to office or vacation leaving their pets alone, because their pets are always welcome in pet boarding and animal hospitals. Therefore, keep all your worries away when you get your pet admitted in such caring centers.

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Pet Insurance .. A better way to show your pets that you care.

With vet’s bills on the increase, if you love your pet than how can you consider not having pet insurance to cover the costs of medical tests, x-rays, prescriptions and other medical bills?

Also, as with human travel insurance policies, pet insurance can be purchased either as annual policy or as a one-off travel policy. Often insurance companies will start insuring pet from the age of six months but some will not give coverage to your pet if they are more than of eight years owing the costs involved with looking after older animals.

Health care schemes for pets have been available for some time now, in fact for over 15 years since the increase in pet ownership provided a new area where insurance was seen as a necessity. As pet insurance has become more popular, there is every chance that your veterinary surgery will be familiar with and accept the various pet insurance programs currently available.

Just as with human insurance there are various types of pet insurance, including third party liability coverage, which will protect you if you pet harms someone, destroys property, causes an accident, and so forth.

Such is the popularity of pet insurance nowadays that just about every eventuality can be covered by your insurance company with comprehensive policies that will pay all medical expenses plus damage caused by your pet and even injury to other animals and people.

There are many companies that offer pet health insurance, and you should ask your Veterinarian what companies he or she recommends. Almost all pet care insurance provides, at the very least, health cover that includes cuts, illnesses, accidents, abrasions and also dental expenses.

Once a claim has been submitted to the pet insurance company, they communicate and pay the vet directly. Pet insurance has become more expensive over recent years along with its popularity and most loving pet owners will do almost anything for their pet’s wellbeing. For many pet owners, not purchasing pet insurance can mean expensive vet bills for every trip to the vets they make which tends to increase as the pet becomes older.

However, like all types of insurance, most pet insurance policies carry an excess which means that you have to pay a small amount towards the cost of any treatment claimed for under the policy. If you are concerned about long term care for your pet then there are pet insurance policies that will pay the vet for treatment for as long as your pet requires it, up to a maximum fixed yearly figure.

One thing to consider is that the insurance costs will depend on what pet you have, its age, health and breed because this is a complicated area, much more so that arranging a policy for the health of a person.

As your pet ages, the likelihood of an increasing number of trips to your veterinarian becomes almost certain so to avoid the probable financial troubles this may cause; it is a good idea to start your pet insurance whilst they are still young.

The author is a pet lover himself and is the webmaster of the website Exotic Pet Birds, his website gives information about different exotic birds like Eclectus, African Grey, Macaws, Conures and many more.

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